Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Hands-on Preview

At the Eurogamer Expo 2012 we got a two-game hands on with the multiplayer of Black Ops 2. To be honest I wasn’t particularly excited about the game. I wasn’t impressed with Modern Warfare 3 and the videos did nothing for me. But at the expo we met up with some friends and after lunch decided to face the hour long queue to play a couple of games and see what it was like. I was shocked.

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Eurogamer Expo Debrief

On Saturday we spent the day at the Eurogamer Expo in Earl’s Court, London. Every year it’s real treat for gamers as a chance to not only play games from the next few months, but also to hear directly from developers and ingratiate themselves in gamer culture. This year was no different, with some huge titles on show and some pretty fantastic developer sessions and cosplay. Individual game previews will come soon but for now, just a word on the event itself.

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Borderlands 2 Review (PC)

Give me guns… lots of guns.

Borderlands 2 is everything you expect of it and maybe a little more. A sequel to Gearbox’s success story ‘Borderlands’, the sequel is an open-world RPG-esque FPS that blends horrific violence, steampunk post-apocalyptic cel shaded stylings and a Diablo mimicking loot system into some kind of delicious yet morally bankrupt smoothie.

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One Small Step for Kerbal

Kerbal Space Program is mind numbingly addictive. I’ve been taking small steps in my progress so far, first finding a way to get off the launchpad in one piece. Then I mastered the art of going up a few thousand metres before landing safely in the sea. Once that goal was out of the way, I got to space and back again. All of these objectives were fairly simple matters of lift, weight, and equipment. The biggest hurdle I have faced was achieving a stable, intentional, circular orbit. This took me a few days but I managed it with the help of a tutorial explain the map screen.

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Raidhyn plays DOTA2

I have been playing DoTA 2 for about three weeks now and I am certifiably in love with the game. I ended up in the DoTA-sphere thanks to an old friend of mine introducing me to League of Legends over two years ago. Now that I’ve started playing DoTA 2 I don’t intend to go back to LoL or any of the other MOBA’s I spent way too much time playing (like my all Christmas break love affair with BloodLine Champions)

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Kerbal Space Program Alpha (PC)

This is one small crash for Kerbal, one giant explosion for Kerbalkind

Kerbal Space Program is currently only in Alpha. There is however a chance to put money down and buy into the game at this early stage, just like with Minecraft and the upcoming DayZ standalone. We’ve been playing the game for a few days now and even though this game is nowhere near finished, felt we had to share with you how much fun you can have with it as an alpha.

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Guild Wars 2 Review (PC)

A cat, a polar bear, a plant and Yoda walked into a bar…

Guild Wars 2 is a lot like many other MMOs you have played in the last decade or two. Despite all the hype suggesting it was going to be some kind of revolution, it’s more of a refinement of basic MMO ideas. This doesn’t have to be quite the negative it seems though. This is an MMO that does better than most of its contemporaries in a few key areas, and doesn’t charge a subscription. If you buy Guild Wars 2, that’s it, it’s yours. There is the potential for microtransactions, but I haven’t put a penny into those yet and have found a number of the items from the store for free. So, what’s changed then?

Character creation is very detailed for a game of the genre, and not only do you get the usual choices in class, gender, race, but you also get a set of sliders like in Skyrim to configure your avatar just the way you want. You can also choose the armour colours via a set of dyes (these can be reapplied for free at any time, and you can get new dyes from drops or from the store). There’s even flavour choices like which school you went to and what’s happened in your recent past. These all change dialog in quests, and even entire missions.

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