Free to play

The best things in life are free… to an extent

Free to play games have been around for a long time. Early ‘Multi-User-Dungeon’ text based MMOs were generally free, and even mainstream titles like Runescape could be played for no up-front cost. Early first person shooters such as Doom and Quake even gave away their entire first act as a kind of demo for the game. More recently, free-to-play has come to mean something new, a new way of monetising games. Is this a good thing?

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Guild Wars 2 – Massively Multiplayer

Guild Wars 2 – PC
Global Release: August 28, 2012
Developer: ArenaNet
Publisher: NCSoft 

I try to play every major MMO that comes out, searching for that ‘one’ that locks me in the same way World of Warcraft did in 2005. I played that game for a long while and didn’t feel the need to play anything else; I wasn’t a ‘hardcore’ raider but I put in a couple of hours each night and enjoyed it immensely. Eventually though I burned out on WoW and have been looking for something else, the next step in MMOs. I’ve seen fantastic concepts turn out to be fairly dull (Aion, City of Heroes), I’ve seen spectacular visuals leading to what turns out to be way too similar to WoW (Rift, SWTOR) and I’ve seen fantastic games be mired by poor server populations (LOTRO, Warhammer Online). Guild Wars 2 is ‘The Next Big Thing’ ™ and although I haven’t played the beta I’m eagerly anticipating the release.

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Dishonored – Stealth Action Excitement


Dishonored – PC, PS3, XBOX360
NA Release: Oct. 9, 2012
EU Release: Oct. 12, 2012
Developer: Arkane Studios
Publisher: Bethesda 

I’ve been a long-time fan of stealth games, (Metal Gear Solid 2 I’ll never forget you and my old PlayStation) but that’s only part of the reason I’m excited about Dishonored coming out this fall. It has a  complete recipe for win that has kept me excited since I heard about it at the beginning of summer.

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What do FPS games need?

I shot a man in Reno, and New York, and future New York, and Los Angeles, and London, and Paris, and Berlin, and Rapture, and Hell, just to watch him die…

First Person Shooters (or FPS) are probably what Joe Public thinks of when you start talking about videogames. Once it was arcade classics, then platformers, but now FPS games are gamers’ ambassador to the ‘others’. But when was the last time you played a single-player first person shooter that you liked? Thinking back I can name very few, which is surprising for what seems to be such a prolific genre.

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DayZ Alpha (PC)

Don’t drive over the dam. Or the bridge. Or rocks. Or rabbits…

DayZ is (as Rocket, the mod’s developer has pointed out) a game that most people have imagined at some point or another. You’re one of many survivors in an online persistent zombie apocalypse. There’s 225 square kilometers to explore and you need to scavenge for weapons, food, water, and medicine. There are no safe havens, no guarantees, a single shot from another player or an unlucky bite from a zombie will send you to your grave and that’s it, the end. What would you do?

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We’re going to Eurogamer Expo

We’ll be at the Eurogamer Expo on the 29th September at Earl’s Court, London bringing you first-hand looks at all the new games we can get our hands on. We’ll also bring you any news that breaks on the show floor. Let us know if you have any suggestions for the less conspicuous titles we should be taking a look at!

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Welcome to the new site

We have been through a bit of a redesign lately and are just making some finishing touches to the new layout. Let us know what you think in the comments and any suggestions are always welcome.

New features include our Twitch.TV stream and Youtube channel where you’ll be able to watch TPSou fail miserably at DayZ and also catch up with any other PC gaming that’s going on. We have also made the archive much easier to search through so have a browse.

If you register with the site I can promise we will never sell your details or anything like that. It just helps us keep track of who is using the site and hopefully we will be able to add some exciting community features/giveaways over the next few months.

Happy gaming!

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The Walking Dead: Episode One (PC)

They would walk 500 miles…

It seems over the last few years I’ve become more and more interested in TV series with high production values. I loved Band of Brothers, devoured most of House, and have recently become enamoured with Game of Thrones. Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe my Literature-studying background is enjoying TV with some depth to it. This fascination with any show with a ridiculous budget led me to ‘The Walking Dead’, I’d never read the comic books, but I love a good zombie story so bought a box set. Now the Telltale game’s released and here’s why it’s important.

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Sniper Elite V2 (Xbox 360)

Somewhere, over the rainbow… *squelch*

Sniper Elite V2 is the latest game from the reasonably prolific British developer Rebellion, their back-catalogue includes Alien vs Predator, The Simpsons Game, and Neverdead. What do all of those games have in common? They all had some kind of brilliant hook, something that set them apart; they were also all painfully mediocre games, and now Sniper Elite V2 is here to continue that legacy.

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Ridge Racer: Unbounded (360)

I am the passenger… argh where are you going?

I approached Ridge Racer: Unbounded as someone who has never played a Ridge Racer game. I didn’t have a Playstation in the early days and then the reviews of a few subpar titles put me off. When I saw BugBear (of Flatout and Flatout 2 fame) were involved I knew I had to get it. Flatout 2 was one of the best racing games I have ever played. That it never reached a consistent online community and that the sequel was outsourced to some rookies who completely ruined it was a terrible thing. That BugBear went on to shape the Ridge Racer in their own image, on the other hand, was a wonderful thing.

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