How Do We Protect Your Data as a Tech Tiger Seller?

There are a number of things you need to think about before selling a high value smartphone that you no longer want. Here at Tech Tiger, we operate on the value of transparency across all our seller and buyer partnerships. For example, for a seller who wants to sell an iPhone 12 Pro Max to us, we offer either a trade-in deal or cash upon receipt of the handset, with the comprehensive grading system allowing both us and you to specify and confirm the condition of the device and its viability for resale.

But that’s not all. Once the phone or device has been received by our team, we pass it through an effective Phone Check process which enables us to wipe it of all existing data and return it to its factory settings – thus protecting the former owner from having any of their personal information accessed by a customer.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Isn’t it enough to simply delete your own information from the phone?

In short, no. A data wiping process is by far the most effective method of restoring a tech device to its factory setting, with no personal data accessible at any stage in its future life with a new buyer or owner.

This is why, when it comes to selling a smartphone or device, sellers need to be cautious of whom they sell to and the processes through which their device is put before sale. Our end-to-end process is designed to protect you and to give buyers the best possible experience and value in terms of the handset they receive.

How do I know if Tech Tiger will buy my phone or device?  

If you’ve got a smartphone device, iPhone, or Samsung Galaxy that you no longer want but which is still in good working order, then you can use the form on our website to assess its condition and submit your enquiry.

We will get back to you with an estimated quote based on the information you provide; however, this is not confirmed until the device or handset is received by our team and has been thoroughly assessed. From there, and once a revised quote has been finalised and confirmed by yourself, the handset moves forward into the refurbishment process which includes data wiping as well as testing the battery, unlocking the handset ready for a new owner SIM card, and finetuning any little repairs that need to be done before the device can be marketed again.

Our process is designed to be as efficient as possible, giving sellers like you cash or trade-in deals in return for unwanted devices, and empowering us and the consumer marketing to do more to protect the future of our environment.

The tech industry needs to become more sustainable – with business models like this the best way forward. For more information visit our website, or if you have concerns and questions about data protection and other intricacies of the process then don’t hesitate to get in touch.