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Schein is an indie game in development by the brand new Zeppelin Studio and currently slated to release on PC in the Summer of this year. A puzzle platformer, Schein revolves around using light to change your dimension and using the differences between dimensions to solve puzzles.

Graphically Schein didn’t impress me when it first loaded up. The character look a little like the Scribblenauts sprites, placed onto the background rather than part of the world. As soon as I touched the arrow keys to move though, everything made sense. There’s something about the lead character’s animations that can’t help but to put a smile on your face. The dimension you begin the game in is bleak and dark, but press ‘1’ to turn your green light on, and everything becomes more cheerful, with your character strolling along with a little hop in his step. Later in the dev demo you have access to a red dimension too where your character takes on a decidedly more demonic appearance but is still charming, like a lovable rogue demon.


At the moment you can play a dev demo that will take you a couple of minutes at most to finish. You hop over some platforms, use lanterns that can be placed to activate wheels and end up going through a gate towards the end. You’re also likely to fall in the water once or twice, leading to a speedy reset. I’ve mentioned this in our look a Trials, but a speedy reset is essential for any game that wants to be difficult but have lasting appeal. I don’t want to be sitting through a loading screen each time I die, I want to be right back in with the action.

For such a short demo, Schien does a lot right. The puzzles are a little tricky but satisfying to solve without getting frustrating, and the jumping feels right already, it’s easy to predict where you’re going to land so if you misjudge something you know it’s your fault. The dimension mechanic is interesting and I can’t wait to see what other worlds we’ll be glimpsing using other colours of light.

Schein is obviously a long way off being complete, but with the ambitious ‘Summer 2013’ release date not too far off (I can feel the Sun already!) we’ll be keeping our eyes on this game and all its multicoloured shenanigans.

You can play the dev demo at

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