Layers of Fear Inheritance Review (PC)

Inheritance is the expansion for the popular Layers of Fear horror game. In Layers of Fear you took the role of a painter who had gone insane and seemed to be trapped in his house alongside his paintings. You committed horrible acts but as you played through the game there was some explanation as to why you were doing the things you did. In Inheritance, you’re playing as his daughter who was taken away by social services at some point. It’s an interesting perspective as the madness isn’t quite there anymore, instead you perceive the same spooky and twisted goings on through memories, where plenty of the same weird things are happening, but you know it’s just a memory, in between these fragments you are just wandering the house as before, trying to make sense of what your father was doing.


As a horror game, Inheritance is very similar to Layers of Fear. There’s definitely a sense of brooding horror pervading throughout the whole expansion (which runs to a bit under an hour, we finished in 48 minutes, but a lot of that was getting lost at a certain point) but it relies heavily on jump scares. The game is quite adept at ratcheting up the tension through sound and twisted visuals, setting you up for something sudden to happen, but holding off long enough to keep it frightening. That being said, I would say this expansion is more aimed at people who are interested in the Layers of Fear story. There doesn’t seem to be as many scares and instead you get a lot more exposition and a story told is a slightly clearer way. It’ll be interesting to see if they run another expansion from the perspective of the mother.


Overall, whether this expansion is worth your time depends entirely on how absorbed you were in Layers of Fear. It’s only $4.99 and only takes an hour, so if you enjoyed the main game, this is a little more of the same with a much greater emphasis on a coherent narrative. If you were put off by the ‘walking simulator’ aspects of the main game, there’s very little to change things up here beyond a couple of simple puzzle-type sections. We think this is worth a try and an interesting addendum to what is a very accomplished horror game.

If you don’t mind spoilers, we have an entire playthrough of the game here on Youtube

Verdict 7

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